Monday, January 5, 2009

What can be done in a day?

Chloe came home with a cough after spending New Years with our friends up north. It's now passed to Gabe and of coarse blows up into this huge thing. Almost at 104 temp yesterday and was up most of the night talking in his sleep and acting disoriented even after his fever broke. It always settles into his chest and sounds so awful-scary.

I've been playing around with the blog if you haven't noticed. I messed around yesterday making the new header-that was fun. I have a boatload of blogs to add to my list on the side that I haven't gotten around to doing...maybe later today.

I started the artist way morning pages this morning. Oy! 45 minutes of writing when the alarm went off-so needless to say I didn't get a chance to shower. lol. I can't believe I'm going to have to set my alarm earlier just to WRITE...sigh. I wasn't at a loss for words like I expected to be though. Funny when you're used to typing more (like we all are these days I think) when you go to write so much longhand your arm and hand starts cramping up-lol.

Todays goals: rearrange Gabe's bedroom to accomidate the huge train table that's smack dab in the center like an island, clean upstairs, add blog list, make my bead goals for the year on here so I have something to follow and work on a listing or 2 for etsy. OH! And order some boxes! Doesn't sound like a ton but with one sick and one crying and teething anything is a challenge. Enough for the day I think-hopefully I can check em all off later :)

OH! I have had a facebook page for quite awhile but never mess around on there at all. I tend to forget I even have it until I get an email saying someone added me as a friend then I check it. Anyhow, got on yesterday and figured out the high school checker and started poking around adding people-it was so fun to see people I went to school with-some I didn't know very well and some who were great friends who moved and lost touch. I heard back from one that just gave me a huge smile when I read her note. I'm excited about reconnecting with her :) (yes,YOU,Heather!)

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