Thursday, April 7, 2011


Having computer issues...


Where does the time go? It's seriously just flying by-here we are in the last quarter of the school year already. Not that I'm sad to see winter go-heck no! I've actually been in an awesome mood today despite the grey dreariness outside because from the upstairs window this morning I caught a glimpse of leaf buds on the trees! And oour Magnolia trees are in full bloom. My most favorite thing ever-watching it all slowly start to turn green outside again...ahhh.

The winter blahs I think cause my quiet time here at the old bloggeroo. My grandmother passed away a couple of weeks ago and the week before I was fortunate enough to visit and tell her goodbye. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she's no longer here even though I know compared to the state she's been in for years she is in a much better place. I just miss her and hate how time changes things...

This might sound a little strange-but while in Missouri for the funeral I walked past the workout room in the hotel we were staying in and found myself dying to get on it. So while the kids swam with Travis I went in and walked-then jogged and broke into a huge sweat. I think it was a bit theraputic-the time to reflect about Granny but also think on what the next day will hold for her funeral. I really needed that time alone and to really work out some of my grief. You need to know though that I am not an avid it was kind of a big deal to me lol.

{A horse greeted us at Granny's farm when we drove by...}

A few days later talking with my chiropractor I was telling him about everything and he mentioned a race he and his wife are doing and suggested that I sign up. It's not the world's most serious race-it's called the "Fat Ass 5K" if that tell you anything. lol. They serve you donuts and beer while you run?! hehe. I'll wait til afterwards thanks anyway...
So really-it's got me focused on a goal-which is what I need. It's been a good distraction. I've changed my eating habits, been structured about starting back with the couch to 5K plan with fast treadmill walking on my off days for 30 minutes. I've lost 2 lbs and my stamina is only getting better!

I haven't made any jewelry lately-but I've been busy sketching up some new thoughts rolling around in my head. I've applied for 2 large art fairs that I've never done before...nothing like 2 huge motivators to get me moving here soon (I hope! I'll find out in a couple weeks if I've been accepted...) The crazy thing thing is they're one week after another in Sept so i will be going CRAZY if it happens. But a good crazy. lol. So just like the race-I guess I have to sign up to get my butt in gear. :)