Thursday, April 22, 2010

On this Earth day~

I've been wandering around with the camera around my neck grabbing shots of signs of spring. This time of year seems to fly by us and I don't want to forget it. I tend to sit in awe at what we're surrounded by sometimes but hardly take a second glance at. It's really amazing.

I used macro mode for most but wish I had a macro lens.

My dads lilacs. They're enormous.


Our sad lone tulip. It really needs some friends. This fall I really need to remember to plant some more. Someone remind me then-k? ;)

Our Magnolia tree in the front. *Gasp* I wish it would always stay this beautiful. The blooms don't last near long enough. We spent as much time under the canopy of flowers as we could.

This was the first bloom on the magnolia "bush" I caught before the flowers all opened overnight.

And our sad single daffodil. Only one bloomed :( Not sure why.

Unfortunately this year we won't be planting a garden like last year (behind our neighbor's house) but I plan to get the kids involved and digging in the dirt when it's time to split and transplant some plants soon. I'm sad about the loss of the garden but plan to try and buy as much fresh produce locally at our farmer's market this year.
We are recycle freaks and tend to have more recycling than garbage. Wish we could have more containers. Chloe's job is to take to the curb and Gabe's is to bring up the empties. About a month ago I caught Sawyer going to the basement door, opening it (gasp! eek!!) and throwing his yogurt container in the recycling can. My jaw was on the floor. He is less than 2 years old-but I guess he's paid enough attention to the kinds of things that go in there instead of the trash. What a feeling to know you're doing something right!

What I wore~Week 1

Following the lead of Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy~I decided to photo my daily outfits for awhile. Let me say right now-I feel totally silly-but it HAS made me feel a little more accountable when I choose my clothes for the day. Instead of grabbing yoga pants and Trav's big old shirt I am forced to think about what I put on my body. Paying attention to what I wear-kind of like I did before we had kids...

I've loved looking at the others who have linked up with her and seeing different ways to pair up outfits or accessories ;) we go...

Day 1:
Old Navy black top (scored for .97 cents!)
Apt 9 denim shorts
Reef flip flops
black "A" wax seal necklace-made by me
Do you like my Shey B camera strap that my friend Kim sent me? :) love it...

Day 2:
Green top from JCP -that I didn't realise how awful it looks til just now. Won't be wearing that again!
Mossimo shorts (hmm-not wild about these either!)
Reef flip flops

Day 3:

Old Navy top

white cami

necklace I bought way back in high school

old jeans (name?)

Simple brand tennis shoes

Day 4:

Old navy striped top

Old Navy grey cami

Apt 9 shorts

"Live" necklace-made by me

Day 5:

Ok, the day before I wore that shirt for 5 minutes until I realised how warm it was outside so I grabbed it off the closet doorknob the following day when it cooled off.

old jeans

old tennies

high school necklace again

Day 6:
Talbots cardigan that is the softest in the whole world!
white cami
Gap jeans
Simple brand tennis shoes
"Live" necklace made by me

Day 7:
JJill top
Abercrombie man jeans
Reef flip flops
"Live" necklace again

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hallelujah! The new computer screen we ordered for the laptop did the trick! I had almost 400 pics to upload-whew! I have a sneaking hunch the next few days you may be overloaded with picture heavy posts ;)

Here's a few from Chloe's first soccer practice for the spring session...

Playing with a little sunflare...

Anyone else ever get "the stink-eye"?

Andddddd...he snaps out of it!


It's been absolutely gorgeous in our little part of the world. Sunny almost every day and mild temps. Chloe scored 3 goals for her soccer team on Saturday and is thrilled. Has her pumped up for next week-funny what that can do for your confidence. We leave for for a family wedding/vacation in Florida soon and the kids are so excited. On Gabe's list is building sandcastles and going to Busch Gardens to see animals. Chloe's just excited to get gussied up and go a wedding on a beach and be out of school while her friends are still there (lol) and Sawyer? I just hope he survives the drive down. Or we do. One or the other.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't be jealous of my bag...:)

Well, I'm still on the old dinosaur computer...awaiting the new laptop screen that was ordered. Sure hope this will work! I've been so many pictures and have nowhere to upload...wah!

My Artist's Way 2 coarse started back up last week-looks like a fun group and am looking forward to seeing everyone weekly :)

Our magnolia tree bloomed~and is dropping it's blooms like crazy today. I sat out on the front steps doing my homework for class trying to get some sun on my legs and huge petals were raining all over me...Smells so good. Perfect day.

Oh, and I won a cutey patootie purse last night from Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy! It's the first time I've ever won anything and I am JAZZED! I've had her posy pins on my xmas list, birthday list-you name it for maybe 2 years now. {he can't take a simple hint?} I loooove her blog and visit daily~go check it out!


Chloe's soccer has started back up...Trav's indoor soccer is almost done...Gabe's resisting afternoon naps...Sawyer's in the throe's of terrible two's {and 2 yr molars-ugh}...started couch to 5K again and so far so good (and bought a pair of super cute capris a little too small for inspiration to lose a few more lbs)...huge neighborhood garage sale coming up-wow we've got a bunch of stuff!...lots of shopping {but with no luck} to find the perfect dress for a Florida beach family wedding next month...oh, and we're going primarily organic and it feels really good :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Our computer monitor bit the dust. Waiting on the part that will hopefully solve the I am currently on our ancient laptop that is almost worse than having no computer at all-lol.

I did dig thru some old photos that are on here tho and ran across this sweet pic of Gabe from 2 years ago.

Right before he fell and lost those sweet little chicklets up front there...:(
What a little sweetie.
{Just cos I hate to post w/o a pic hehe.}

We've been super busy here but I feel we have nothing to really show for it.
Neighborhood egg hunt, 3 stops for Easter, huge basement clean up, lots of walks and stating Couch to 5K over again~spring!! Throw in a few doctor appts, air duct cleaning, lost contact & vision testing, repeat ct from the fall (good), spring cleaning/getting ready for garage sale, taxes (ugh), researching basement paints and trying to find a driveway guy-whew!

And as we go on with these day to day things lately I've been trying to figure out how on earth I'll have the time to make items for a show coming up in June. I know it seems so far away but I haven't had the chance to sit at the torch for a couple months! Add a vacation and a 2cd birthday party in between now and then....agh. Oh! And the Artist's Way class starts back on Wednesday night! :)

Trav says I'll always find an excuse and that I just need to sign up for it-that I work better under pressure anyway. He's right...But right now I'm mad at Sam's Club for discontinuing the table I need (just need 1 more for art fairs and had planned to get it NOW), don't like my table coverings and don't have enough displays..ya, I know. whine whine