Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Edwards Place: recap

Last weekend flew by. One second I was setting up and the next I was tearing down and waving goodbye to the new artist friends I'd made...

I really need to get listing back on Etsy-it's been awhile...
I am loving this copper bracelet. Tempting to keep for myself. ;)
Might have to make a few more of those.

It's been a few years since making any new bangles. I thought I'd leave out the hollow beads so it would set closer to the skin...I like.

Now....I'm just trying to sit back and breathe. My next 2 shows are early November followed by my annual holiday show.

Applications are already starting for next year. I hate trying to get good jury photos. This year I am going to try and be *brave* and venture outside of Springfield. eep....wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Ok, so I have a recent obbsession with Instagram...LOVE it. And I swear half of my pics are even better than with my expensive Canon! I love the spur of the moment shots that are captured and I love even more looking through my album on Tumblr seeing all the random squares all in a grid having nothing to w/ anyother-it makes me happy and makes me remember just how full my life truely is.

Here is a huge shark's tooth I always played w/ when I was little. Gabe found it at Papa's house the other day and asked me about it. Funny since Trav's brother was just talking about huge sharksteeth and how I told him we'd had one but hadn't seen it in years...
Dad was a Navy diver and we had all sorts of cool stuff like that :)

Feverishly getting ready for the next art fair (this weekend). Just one of the bracelets I've made.

Caught Sawyer making his bed without me asking me. Can you picture me creeping up the hall to take this without him seeing me?

Chloe just had to have this pencil pouch from Big Lots. It's hilarious! And it's one long zipper to boot-crazy!

Handful of beads after cleaning...

Stage 2 (teen dance club) reunion last weekend. My old friend, Tashia, who I hadn't seen in about 20 years...

More jewelry I'd been working on...

Mock table arrangement for art fair on the deck w/ my helper...

My gal all decked out.

Rainy day bounce house in the basement.

Gabe's first kindergarten project :)
all based on his interests...

Gabe turned 6!!!

"I'm a T-Rex goalie!"
but of coarse you are...

Funny things I find from the boys-they always make life (and my ceiling fan) interesting :)
Off to the Edward's Place art fair in the morning~wish me luck!