Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My bangle bracelet was featured in a treasury!
So I'm not skilled at doing a full screen shot-this will have to do...

Unfortunately I can't get the link to work to view it any better...oh well...

This was my first treasury on Etsy to included on (that I know of!) so it's pretty exciting! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Spastic Worm

Chloe's alter ego has been dubbed "the spastic worm" by her father.
And rightly so. I've never seen anything like it.

You take 1 part hormonal 9 year old...

Add in some hair that won't go back in clips just right...

And end up with some legs and arms flailing around like a crazed worm.
Can anyone tell she's gritting her teeth about ready to rip that paper?

I actually have all 3 looking and smiling at once! Too bad her smile isn't very authentic-lol.

Oh.....she's trying harder...
She really is excited about school-trust me!

Ok, much better. ;)

Thrilled once we reached the is her teacher this year.

And waiting in line to go in.
Gabe will start preK in a couple weeks. I sure hope his first day goes better!
I can't wait to hear how she likes her class this year. -I remember 4th grade very fondly-LOVED it-great memories...I hope she likes her new teacher and the group of kids she ended up with!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Tide is High........


Just a little hint to where I'm heading tonite!

Soooooo excited! I'll be meeting up with my friend from way back in the day.

Shannon and I were great friends in jr high and high school. We reconnected after almost 20 years (gulp) on facebook.

Since we attended our first concert togther-(Eddie Money-7th grade-my dad took us then stood back by himself so we could feel cool and grown up) at the State Fair we decided last year to meet up and see Heart and the Bangles. We had a great time and are starting a new tradition it seems...

We'll also see Cheap Trick.....Report more tomorrow!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ants in my pants

I haven't been able to get to the torch in awhile. Kids home with summer=not much beading. When I'm unable to create freely I find myself goinga little crazy and pacing around the house looking for ways to change things up around here. I end up painting rooms, rearranging furniture, trying new recipes,etc.

The other day I walked past the antique cabinetry we had built into our kitchen and realised I cannot stand how it looks (inside) It's become a catch-all. I'm posting pictures to shame myself into doing something about it.
My view from atop a barstool...
The drawers hold phone books, batteries, table linens...
Lower cabinets hold TP, paper towels, paper plates and cups, party supplies...diapers and wipes.
All accross the top I have my grandmother's china (1 of the 2 sets of hers) I anted it away from kid fingers-yet you can't really see it up there. Need to come up with a way to display it better!

The right side-basket of school papers on the bottom that all start to fall out when you open it.

My favorite picture of my grandparents. She's very petite and he was extremely tall.

So cute.

Vase made my Chloe

One of my favorite pics of my grandmother and her family when she was young. They sang on the radio. (she is 3rd from the right in the back) This was stage makeup-my great-grandmother didn't always have blacked out teeth-lol.

More random pics-Chloe when she was little, my mother in law when she did baton twirling and me on our wedding day...dried roses Travis gave me roughly 15 yrs ago.

Pottery Chloe made in class a few years back.
Baby photo of my grandpa.

Wine spinner and my snotty egg seperator-lol

My cookbook mess and junk Chloe throws in there.

School papers-can you believe I actually went thru and threw a ton away? this is what I am keeping-yikes. Need to transfer to a box and get ready for school to start next week.
Ok, so my quandry: what should I do with this space? Obviously it ended up being a place to stash picture frames (which unfortunately you can't really see or notice them when the glass doors are closed) and other odds and ends.....
Do I take the doors off? Do I line the walls behind with mirror? Do I make the whole thing into a china cabinet? A photo gallery? Cover the glass and turn it into a pantry?
What would YOU do in this space? I feel like it could be a great space but I just can't seem to figure out how to utilize it......anyone have some great ideas???
Help! lol

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just a little something I came across and snapped a pic of the other day...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Around 4 am I woke to the sound of pitterpats down the hallway...Next thing I knew a short little head peeked up over Travis, scurried up and over and dove under the covers in between us.

Sucking his thumb he laid there whimpering for quite awhile. Poor guy... Looks like he's growing up and starting to maybe have some bad dreams. Breaks my heart.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which way to go?

Have you ever heard of geocaching?
I only heard about it a couple months ago and it sounds really cool. The kids were all psyched to try it. Unfortunately I think it's a necessity to have a handheld GPS device. I thought we could go by the clues and maps online but no such luck...
We set out on the trail at 9:30am with 94 degrees temps already. Mistake! Loads of bugspray thank goodness because the woods were full of nasty mosquitos.

Then we went searching a different location at the park where a few statues lie but still-nothing. We stopped to pay tribute to the Angel of Hope as we always do when we're at the park since our son's name is on it.

And....of coarse the prerequisite picture of someone goofing it up but totally being himself. lol. This is the best one I got of the group. Our friend, Kate, is staying with us for a few days...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Little somethin'

For me.
So many people have been ordering this style necklace from me lately that I decided I think I need one too.

A mixture of copper, brass and sterling with all my kiddos names stamped on them. It jingles and moves all around and I find myself constantly playing with it.


Friday, August 6, 2010


Things have been a bit quiet around these parts. Busy with bored kids but too hot to let them get out and run.
I've been working on a stack of custom necklaces and remodeling my old hair salon into our new living room. Travis has our entire backyard torn up laying paths of stones and running the gutters away from the house. It's constant projects around here.
This was taken the other night~national night out~ our reflections in the firetruck's bumper a minute before they tore out with their siren blaring for an emergency.