Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big brave boy

I am so proud of that little booger. He did so good today when they pulled his teeth! Oh-and the remainder of yesterday was better than expected-was scared they'd bother him or hurt but he did ok...

So today-they strapped him onto a board that's got some straight-jacket thing attached to it. They strapped him in and numbed his gums w/ goo. Then came the numbing shots-which he fought against and cried. He had to lay for about 10 minutes for it to take full effect and we talked and looked at toys as he cried then calmed down then cried over and over again. Once the dentist was able to pull them out (ring side view-*gag*choke*wah!) he gave him a couple stitches and up he popped to pick out toys...They all said he did much better than most they've seen. I'll get some pictures of that toothless grin once his top lip shrinks back down-he looks like a platapus still!-lol.

Tomorrow I need to get all of the jewelry run over to the art association. Today I am getting business cards, price tags and pricing finished up and boxed and ready to go...Yea! Now I can sit back and breathe and start thinking about the holidays...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've got the queasies...

And lots of tears as well. Poor Gabe fell down a portion of the stairs this morning right onto his face. Correction-right onto his front teeth-which are now pointed backwards towards the middle of his tongue. I've never quite seen anything like it and I promise I will spare you the pictures-(of coarse I had to take a few just to have them-but they literally made me sick to see them afterwards-so no picture post today)

I am in mourning for his adorable little chicklet teeth already. I can't beleive the tooth fairy will have to pay him a visit this young! How much you wanna bet Chloe will point out that he since he doesn't sleep w/ a pillow yet where will the tooth fairy leave him his money? lol

The ped dentist said to come back tomorrow to have them pulled so in the meantime he gets to walk around w/ his mouth hanging open and blood streaming out (nice visual,huh?) He cannot close his mouth-his bottom teeth hit the uppers and push them towards the roof of his mouth. My foyer looked like a murder scene this am and his beloved froggie-COVERED in blood. Luckliy with some peroxide and oxiclean and a good bath in the washer he looks good as new-whew (pretty traumatizing for a 2 yr old to see his best bud bathed in blood)...

Now that he's sleeping I can hopefully get my tears to dry up and get some things finished up around here-a ton on my list to do...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can't I wait until the last minute?

I hate pricing stuff and getting ready for this show. I hate it. Haaaaaaaate it. Miss Whiney Procrastinator here who has nothing better to do than sit here and b*%&$. Ok...back to work-sigh...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Deep thought of the day~

The past couple of days has me thinking about my life before kids and how it will be until they are in school and beyond...

Having been a hairstylist for 16 years-my schedule had always been 10am-8pm (sometimes later) and including Sat's. Once I opened a salon in our home I was packed-so busy I could hardly eat lunch. It was very profitable and fulfilling but very busy and time consuming-with little to no time left over for myself, my needs, our home, etc.

Once Chloe came along my priorities shifted big time. I went part time, then I went to every other Saturday-family time was more important to me. Laundry had doubled and dinner earlier than 9am became a necessity.

Then here comes Gabe. We discussed and decided not to send him to daycare and to try to keep a few clients around. It was difficult. It ended up good that we didn't send him to daycare since he was a very sickly baby and picking up every germ he could. If he went to daycare I cringe to think of the $ spent sending him there only to be nursing him better at home...

So here I am with Sawyer and Gabe both at home. I have had a few clients call and have made it work. I digress-this is getting long and I need to get to the point...

So I have this friend/client-She was a high school music teacher for years who quit when she had her 2cd child. While home with him she still had her "foot in the door" so to speak-with music and making a living-just not all day full time teacher stuff...She started a show choir for kids from the whole school district to come try out and they travel evenings and weekends to perform at senior centers,other schools,etc. Neat that she created this whole other life w/ her love of music and what she was educated in.

Secondly a lady who runs a veryyy popular chili parlor here in town is calling it quits. She's sold off her family business that she's spent her whole life in (from what I know) BUT the way she's keeping her foot in the door is by still keeping her spices for her famous chili a secret and it going to package them and sell them back to the parlor and other resteraunts out of state...

SO my point is-I feel like I should be doing something with my life-to help our household-somehow-by what I know-but not by doing it. Does that make a darned bit of sense??LOL- NO I know it doesn't.

*If you're still reading*~~~~~So here I am asking for comments, suggestions, thoughts-anything. I know ya'll are visiting me-I see you on my feedjit (lol) so shoot me your thoughts. What on earth could one do w/ a hairstyling background to allow themselves to stay at home still- yet not on my feet for 8 hrs w/ crying babies underfoot covered in hair!?

Making jewelry is expensive. It's doubley expensive when it doesn't sell...Of coarse I am hopeful the Holiday Hall goes well but with the economy these days I'm just not too optimistic. I am convinced that unless you are published it's difficult to really get anywhere in this biz. I love sitting at the torch and creating-it's fulfilling but had also turned into a luxury since it's few and far between that I can have a solid block of time to do this in during naptime-IF I can get them to both cooperate. Which isn't very often. But I DO intend to continue making beads and jewelry...

So please-if anyone has any ideas throw them my way. Sorry for the babble. My mind just feels cluttered today...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crackin myself up here...

So on a neighbor's facebook page he had this fun yearbook site-I died laughing looking at his different pictures he did of himself. Before I realised you uploaded your picture I was thinking "gee, John had a really weird haircut in high school!!" LOL.

Anyhow...since I'm usually the one behind the camera I played around w/ a picture of Chloe and one of Trav. Here's the photo I used...

And here he is in "1970" (I think)
You've gotta go to that site and upload some pix and check it out. I gave Chloe a Farrah Faucet do...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just thought this picture was so cute of all of them lined up watching the game. Chloe's getting SO good at soccer. It's taken awhile for her to get aggressive and not shy away from the ball anymore.

There is nothing new to report here-it's been fairly boring. Think I'm finished with the pieces I'm sending over to the Holiday Hall. I still need to tweak the toggle necklace-thinking a round toggle may be in I hate when I picture something in my head and it doesn't turn out how I want.

I have a commissioned piece that I need to find a finding for which is driving me berserk and a birthday necklace to whip up BUT the beads I had made and set aside for it have disappeared! It's just been one of those weeks...Now I have to sit myself down and figure out business cards and price tags and get it all priced and ready to go. Funnnnn times.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My little artist...

We had our neighborhood fall festival yesterday (which happened to fall on our anniversay-eek-12 years already?) There was lots of pumpkin decorating, face painting, kids games, a firetruck visit and a chili cookoff finished up with smores by the firepit...The kids all had a blast. I started face painting then there was a lull so I wandered off. When I came back by the table I found Chloe with a line of little girls and she was busy as can be...

Gabe's so funny-when he concentrates his little tongue sticks out of his mouth...
Here's my brave (stupid?) husband attempting to ride the neighbor's unicycle...You'd think he'd have learned from his skateboarding adventure a few years ago when he shattered his elbow. Nope! Not him! Luckily there was no ER visit for our anniversary-lol. He's now even talking about wanting to buy one...God help me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wanna play?

As I struggled against yawning at the school board meeting the other night I found my eyes wandering around the room. I had never noticed all of the children's art projects decorating the walls before...

When I saw these "playground paper scultures" I thought 'what a cute project for Chloe!' So yesterday after homework was done and reading minutes recorded we got to work on our playgrounds!

Gabe is having so much fun with it-who knew!? I drew a stick figure on a strip of paper and he makes it walk all around "doo doo do doooooo" (gotta have the sound effects) and makes him swing and go down the slide-lol. It's so cute! Chloe ended up taking hers in today to give to her teacher :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Walk to Remember

Here are a few photos to share from the walk on Saturday. It was a beautiful day.

Our group of balloons we sent up. Blake's is the blue one, the other 3 are for our friends Kim and Mike and their daughter Isabel and their twins.

Chloe- writing a message to her brother

Gabe spinning the pinwheel that we plant in the "field of dreams"

Balloon launch-all of ours stayed together for a long time-you can see them in the center...

Gabe-facinated by the amount of balloons above him

Monday, October 6, 2008


It really does fly...I can't believe he's already 4 months old. We've really been blessed-he's such a good baby! This new finger sucking thing is just cracking me up. Chloe and Gabe both took binkies but Sawyer is all about those fingers! :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Show and tell

Here's another I finished up last week. I feel like it needs tweaking to make it lay right so I'll be fiddling with that...I love glass toggles!

Yesterday was a long emotion filled day. We went to the yearly Walk to Remember at our park. It's put on by the Share program in memory of babies who have passed away. It's near and dear to our heart since we lost our son in 2002 when I was 5 months pregnant. It's a nice time for rememberance each October. We also received the Angel of Hope statue in our park! That's a HUGE deal and the dedication was yesterday after the walk. Chloe and I visited this morning since yesterday so so packed we weren't able to get up and read the plaques w/ names on them. Of coarse I get there and my camera battery was dead since I left it on yesterday-sigh...

Friday, October 3, 2008


I have fallen in love with this necklace! I love the colors, shapes and feel of it. I will make myself one-one of these days...I guess the nice thing is if it doesn't sell I can keep it for me-lol.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here's one of the necklaces I just finished up. The toggle is fused fine silver and the heart is moretti copper red/green. I love the color reactions that color gets! It's got that gorgeous copper patina color, some pinkish undertones that especially pop out from under the clear and a metallic sheen that pops out here and there. It tends to get a somewhat rustic look overall-pretty cool!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've got 2 projects under way that are just*about*done. It's amazing-I started both and had them so close then kid stuff happens... I feel like I never can quite finish what I start around here anymore. Between nap schedules varying for 2 little ones (seems like when one goes down the other is waking-agh!) and trying to drag out and sort thru fall/winter clothes or Chloe would be going to school in shorts. It got darned chilly FAST here. So anyhow, I HOPE I can finish those up today and get some pictures taken soon. One necklace I am especially loving and will make one for myself like it......hehehe...

Our neighbor bought a necklace I had listed on Etsy for a friend who is moving and reported this morning that she loved it and had cried-aw-that is always great to hear :)

Over the weekend we celebrated Travis' birthday. One night was dinner with his mom and the next was the "September birthdays" party at my Aunt and Uncles on the lake. Those consist of my Dad, Step-mom, Uncle and Trav. Before grilling out we went on a pontoon ride around the lake. The weather was just perfect-the sky a little cloudy then the sun would burst from behind the cloud and blind you for a moment before going back under...He let each of the kids drive the boat and honk the horn-which of coarse is the highlight dontcha know?! It gave me flashbacks of being little and my Uncle giving each of us kids motorcycle rides thru the country when they lived out there and honking the bike horn and being sandwiched together on there together. How on earth did we fit that many on a motorcycle-safely? Who knows-lol. It brought tears to my eyes a couple of times sitting back thinking how fast times goes by and wondering if one day in their 30's they'll be thinking back to "remember riding Uncle Bud's boat and driving around all those bouy's and honking like crazy?"