Thursday, January 22, 2009

All is well

Gabe's scope was yesterday. He did great-all is fine (no reflux,etc) I've never seen one of my kids have to be put under for anything-so to see him beforehand after getting his "happy juice" then afterwards while he was coming out of it was a bit upsetting...But the bottom line is he's fine.

Busy busy 2 weeks ahead of me. I'm still trying to get more beads listed so bear with me.


Mary said...

So glad to hear it, Amanda! Big hugs for your little man,

XOXO, Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

I just found your blog...YEAH! I am glad to hear about Gabe! Our Paulie had to be put under for just about 20 minutes because they had to clip his tongue because he was tongue tied. It was so sad when he woke up. They prepared us well though so that was helpful.

Tara Scherer

Amanda said...

Hi Tara!!
Luckily they did prepare us too but it still is so sad to see them so helpless like that isn't it? Not to mention letting them take your baby to an operating room where you can't be with them or see them...agh! Longest 1/2 hr of my life!!
Tim and Jolene's daughter was tongue tied and had to clip her tongue as well. I think she was only a couple weeks old when she had that done.
When did Paulie have his done? Was that recently? How is he doing? :)