Friday, January 9, 2009

52 Q

I read Emily Falconbridge's blog regularly and she has started a new art challenge for 2009 that I decided to sign up for. It looks like it will be fun/interesting and hopefully stir up the creative juices. I'm always up for a challenge and something new.

Basically each week she will ask a question and you take that question and make a mini art card (or whatever you so choose) with your answer. After pitching the first one I started I finally completed one last night and posted it in the Flikr group where everyone who joined will be sharing their completed projects.

Stop by and take a look through some of them-they're really interesting! I love seeing what everyone comes up with. Here's mine:

In other news: yesterday me and my friend Kim were gabbing on webcam and-the goobers we are- gave each other kitchen tours (cabinets and all-lol) I think it started with my whine of feeling so unorganized lately. As Travis says "organised chaos" and I hate it-but I feel like I never have a free arm to get anything done lately. SO-I've been a busy bee today-my kitchen looks like it was hit with a tornado but lots of cabinets have been rearranged and shelves readjusted up or down and things OFF the counters. Loving it so far. Doesn't take much to get a fire lit under me.

Off to finish it up!

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