Thursday, August 2, 2012


Gearing up for the fall art fairs around here...6 weeks from yesterday-it's countdown time!

I've been fairly lax making beads this summer and it's time to kick it in gear-but with school registration, school starting, hopefully a couple small trips or fun things mixed in this might be interesting. How does it always sneak up on me?

Edwards Place fine art fair Sept 15&16
Hope Church fine art fair Nov 3&4
Home Show TBA (Nov)

And to top things off-we just got home from the dr and Gabe may have pneumonia again and I'm exausted from being up all night with him last night. I had every intention of being at the torch today but sometimes you just need to get up in the morning and say "nope, no working today...too hard when you're practically cross-eyed from exaustion anyway"

Anyhow, here's a little pretty-gotta post with a picture, right?
I'm in a 'brights' mood this year so anything I whip up soon is going to be fun and colorful :)
*yawn* off to snuggle with Gabe for a few while he's napping...