Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall walk

These are from a few weeks back...blogger hasn't been very cooperative with letting me upload photos lately-which is exactly why I never post. Now that I've figured out I can only upload 2 at a time I might be back in business-lol.

So we had a GORGEOUS day a few weeks back and decided to take a hike on some trails we'd never been on out in Glenarm at the Covered Bridge. It's so pretty out there...

There were even 2 abandoned old cars out in the middle of the woods-the kids thought that was the coolest thing :)

I'm so glad we decided to be spontaneous that day and drive out there for a hike. We need to do that more often...
As a matter of fact: this weekend is supposed to be in the mid to high 60's!! I love it (hate the cold!) Maybe we should try to go somewhere again...although now there are no leaves left on the trees so it wouldn't be as pretty...But I guarantee we'll spend all of our time this weekend outside :)