Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't you love giveaways?
Go pop by Lindsay's blog The Pleated Poppy for a great giveaway. Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday!
Wow. It's been awhile! I swear I feel like I can't tell if I'm coming or going anymore! It's only going to get worse once school is out (next week). That means I'll have to create a whole new schedule for the younger ones to adapt to all over again...

I created a new little pendant. Chloe had a couple little girl birthdays to attend and we were pretty clueless about what to get. A kid can only use so much sidewalk chalk and webkinz-ya know? So I whipped up these little cuties to give as gifts. I plan on offering these pendants for custom orders...On these I put little flowers on the back but I was thinking a polka dot background would look cute too...the possibilities are endless I suppose!

The price is for the pendant alone. I made the loop big enough to fit over the end of most standard chains that most people have laying around...

In other news: there has been little done to the foyer renovation. Once I got sick a couple weeks ago I lost steam and am still pretty worn out. This one really wiped me out! I haven't been sick like that for quite some time. It's still needing a 2nd coat of paint and all trim painted. Fun times...

My brother and his little boy come later this week from North Carolina! I'm so excited to finally meet my nephew, Mason. I can't believe he's 18 mo old already. I'm sure Clif will be busy showing him off to everyone he knows...Then we've got fireworks at the Carillon festival and a little 1 year old's birthday party on Saturday....!!! (*sigh*where does the time go?)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celebrity sighting?

I totally forgot mention this the other day!!

I swear I saw Robert Duvall at the art fair. Call me crazy-if it wasn't him it was his twin-with the identical voice to match ...

So I'm walking along in the center area around the Old Capital carrying a box lid full of bottled waters-delivering them to artists as I was heading to the next booth I was sitting for...and there was a man strolling in front of me talking to a man next to him. I was needing by but didn't want to squeeze between them and there were too many people milling back and forth at the edges. So I slow up and walk behind for a few seconds and see him turn to the side talking to his friend and it strikes me immediately that this man looks exactly like Robert Duvall! Finally they see me and step apart to let me through and he chuckles and says something about "see, this young lady is even bringing me water! How nice!" I just turned to him laughed it off and made some stupid joke, squeezed through and kept walking-then hesitated and almost turned to say something to him.....then his voice hit me and I freaked out and couldn't-lol. What a loser! :P

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a great day...

The weather turned out absolutely gorgeous for the art fair. I worked from 11-3 booth sitting and going on water runs for the artists. I feel that I learned quite a bit today- but the best part was the conversations with these amazing people! A couple of them just sat and gabbed with me like they'd known me forever.

It was so cool to hear about how they started, how long they've been doing art fairs, what they think of the economy situation and their goals. It gave me a tiny taste of what hard work it is to man a booth. I felt awful for the 4-5 booths whose tents were destroyed. I guess saturday morning it was just windy enough that it tore a few of them apart-but they still set up-just without their tents.

I am watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives wondering why the heck the picture went all pixelated but there is audio still? The picture finally came back on but it's not timed right and I feel like I'm watching a bad japanese I guess I'll have to watch it online later. Fine by me I need to go to bed-I swear I have the worst sinus infection I've ever had-blech!!!

Oh ya-the painting in the foyer is about 1/2 way done as of tonite! It's been trimmed in and I'll roll 1st coat tomorrow. It's looking so good! I guess the plan is for the floors to be sanded this next weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's funny how excited I get to actually post a piece of jewelry on here-concidering that's why I started this blog to begin with-lol.

I made this for myself last week and love it. It's tiny and shimmery and simple. I've been wearing it everyday and can't even feel that it's on. The pendant has been stamped, hammered and oxidized for texture and depth then tumbled and polished for sheen.

In other news...something made it's way into the house and I'm not liking it! Gabe had a fever for days but (knock on wood) no fever overnight and is back to himself. I -on the otherhand- feel like crap. Trav says it's probably allergies but it's all just too coincidental. Yesterday I felt feverish (went away-whew!) sore throat, no energy and just out of it in general. Blah! I am booth sitting this Sunday at the Old Capital Art Fair and hope I'm feeling back to normal by then!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Let the painting commence...

I was finally able to attack the foyer today with primer...about an hour into their 3hour nap Gabe was calling me. So I got him up and snuggled on the couch to watch some Einstein so I could get back to work for a bit. 10 minutes later the phone rings, wakes Sawyer who never was able to fall back asleep. I did get most of the trim and the big mirror primed.

I was able to get back to it once Trav got home and took the kids outside. The weirdest thing tho-they came inside from playing and Gabe went to get in the shower with Chloe. He started crying-then just couldn't stop... Afterwards I dressed and held him on the couch with me. He said he was cold but he was burning up then fell asleep on me. That was at 6:30 so he missed dinner and has been out ever since. :( I've said it before and I'll say it again-when that kid gets sick he gets SICK and it comes out of left field just like that. He was perfectly fine playing outside, happy, energetic,etc...So I immediately called the neighbors who were out playing w/ them to give them the heads up.

I have a feeling this means not much paint will get on the walls tomorrow. I was looking forward to a few good days in a row to get this knocked out...we'll see.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

She asked why can't every day be wacky wednesday?
This week was spririt week at school so each day they got to have a different theme per day. Wed was dress wacky...Here's what she came up with. It originally had a short dress over the top of it as well but she nixed that idea-felt too bulky. She arrived home after school with her shirt flipped backwards as well.
Funny how when we went to Sam's Club later that night I realised in the parking lot all of a sudden she was wearing shorts w/ her tshirt. She said well,duh mom it's only wacky wednesday at SCHOOL not everywhere else! I don't want everyone to stare at me! (insert big ole eye roll w/ attitude)
And she's not even 8 yet......

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm not sure which of you caught The Doctor's tv program today...I caught a few minutes right when the boys were getting up from naps and turned it on just as it was gettin good!!

There's the link if you didn't catch it. I guess since I didn't see this coming I was just shocked! I sat up with my hand over my mouth saying ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy gawwwwwwwwsh...Dr Travis really went OFF.

Now I can see from both sides and it brings up alot of interesting bits about vaccines, our envirionment, foods, etc that really do scare me and make me wonder about what our kids (and us) are putting into our bodies. I commend that Jenny McCarthy has done her research on the matter and all. What I don't care for is how she tends to act like a medical doctor these days when in fact she is not. There are unfortunately too many parents who have autistic children who have done their research and I just hate how this country puts her up on the pedestal to listen to because of her celebrity. Ugh.

Steppng off my soapbox now...

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a love/hate thing

The lack of sleep that comes when the creative juices start flowing......But it's when all my best ideas come around...

I woke around 1am to feed Sawyer... while in my zombie stupor (Zyrtec really zonks me) this necklace idea flashed thru my head and made me wide awake dissecting all the different possibilities on how to make it went this way and that way and all hour after Sawyer was in bed snoozing away I was laying there wide awake fiddling with this design in my head. I think I've got it figured out (I really hope so! It looks so neat in my head!!!) I may have to fit a bead session in today or I may just burst. I'm anxious to see if this is going to work or not! Even tho now I feel like a nap is in order-lol.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few body parts and some worm hunting

At least all this rain is good for something~ it's bringing out the worms for our little wormhunter to dig for. His latest obsession is to find a skinny stick and swoosh thru any puddle we happen along (quite a few) and play with "wormy worms". He's graduated to letting them crawl on his hand now then letting them go under our hostas.

I try to get random shots of their eyes now and then. Chloe's eyecolor has changed 3 times already and she's only 7. Gabe's has gone from deep blue to gray and now a brown ring is starting around the center. I wonder if it will continue to go brown or stay this way?

Had to get a closeup of that toothless grin...

And share some happy eyes. Sawyer is just such a happy kid... :)