Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The last couple of months

Where have I been lately? Our lives are ruled by sports in the fall. Aren't most parents?
Gorgeous blue sky days followed with chilly unpredictable weather...welcome to fall in Illinois.

Chloe's competitive soccer team. They're nuts. 

The boys games are coming to a close this weekend. They're both really making strides and it's fun to see the changes and how they're taking to the game.

Chloe started cross country and has really excelled! She had a bit of an asthmatic episode that came out of nowhere which slowed her down for a couple of weeks. She was about *this close* to go to state!

And proof. One day you're in a tank top at a game and the next you're bundled up and freezing! About an hour after this photo sweatshirt and scarf came off and was sweating.

I won't lie. I'm totally ready for a sports break. I don't remember what it feels like not to have soccer or running plans over the weekend!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I've moved! (Inside the shop)

Another lady and I decided we wanted to swap spaces inside The Blue Door. It's right up front of the shop as you walk in the front door. I love that you can see it from out side and even more so I love how the natural light reflects off of all of my glass beads now!

Even though I'm sure no one will read it I had to add a little blurb of how my beads are made. 

This really shows me how low I am getting on bracelets! Time to get to work! 

It took a week or so to get it tweaked. I think I finally like it :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm so excited to finally share that I am part of The Blue Door gallery in downtown Springfield!

This is something that I have wanted to be a part of for many years but decided to wait until all of my kids were in school. 

There's my display all set up. I had a month after being told that I got in to obsess over my display and set up-lol. That's good and bad 😉 but at least it made it easier in the long run not having to bring all of my displays in with me. 

I ordered some of the most gorgeous recycled silk sari ribbons that were bound on the edges from Australia. They make gorgeous wrap bracelets paired with botanically etched copper bars. 

A few new pieces I've worked on this past month... 

As you can tell I've begun dabbling into enameling. Sooo much fun! I love having another element to mix with my glass beads...

That's all for now! Stop into the shop if you're in the area:)

Monday, February 24, 2014


Just testing blogger from my phone :)