Saturday, January 31, 2009

The brave soul that I am...

...just let my husband chop about 5 inches off my hair. lol. Chloe says we're twinkies now. I still need to live with it for a few days and will probably chop a little more here and there-seems I always do that.

What a lazy Saturday! I'm NOT complaining-it's nice to wander up at 2pm to finally shower sometimes-lol. I've been going thru Chloe's mass of books thinning out the ones that are just too easy for her now and passing them along. Fun stuff I tell ya. Fot the kicker guess where we're going as an outing later on today? Walmart! woohoo...(sigh...)But I've gotta get my clear sleeves for my kickin new recipe binder so I can add to it...:)

Sawyer just this week started moving around the room. He's not crawling but just scooting, flipping, turning-getting to where he needs to be. Then while he was "napping" yesterday I was rummaging in the attic for a few minutes, came down and peeked in at him and the little turkey was sitting up in his crib just grinning at me like a damn fool! Panic set in and the crib mattress is now lowered. He has been practicing all day with this new skill of his to go from belly to sitting.

I finally got some new photos taken yesterday of more bead sets-I wasn't happy with the first ones I took so I'm redoing a little more photoshopping and hopefully I'll be getting them listed this week.

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