Saturday, January 3, 2009

A year of goals

This was another custom order for a friend's sister. Thought I'd wait until after xmas to show it in case she stopped by-lol.

So I was reading Linda Lawrence's blog and love her idea of having the goal of concentrating on something in particular each month for bead designs. Especially things that you're not feeling too confident in or would like to tweak. great idea-and I work better if I have something in writing to follow along. I haven't written up what I'd like to be working on yet-I'll work on that this week. Ohhhhhhhh I got a few new fun mandrels to play with for xmas! I'll definately have to work in designs from them!! (a cone mandrel, button hole mandrel and a puffy one-helps with hollow beads-FUN!!)

Also, I think for awhile I'm going to concentrate on listing some bead sets on etsy. (and lots of hearts for Valentines day!) Oops-I also have a few leftovers from the art association show I need to get listed and forgot...Speaking of that show-it went fairly well, I sold more than last year but concidering the economy I wasn't expecting much anyway.

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