Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 in photos

Just when I don't feel like I did much this year I look over these and am hit with what a long full year it's been!
Chloe got an awesome scholastic arts award...our friend, Maggie, was born :)

Birthdays...disco parties...

Gorgeous weather, goofy kids, new jewelry ideas tested out, showing my jewelry in a boutique...

Trips to Allerton Park for Mother's Day, Visiting old, great friends, loads of soccer traveling and art fairs...

Vacation back down to Charleston again :)

Remodeling the foyer, the start of Sawyer's new bedroom makeover, the girls got to meet ALEX MORGAN!!AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (as they would say)

We got to steal our friend, Kate away for a few days to stay with us from up north. More jewelry and lots of walks in the park with the perfect pre-fall weather we had!

School play :) My yearly ginko picture with the gorgeous fall blue skies, family visiting and getting together at Joe Rogers as usual.

And lucky to have family to see at Christmastime. My brother and family made the trek from NC. My dad and step mom from Fla...and silly Gigi Claus...what a sweetie.

Of coarse so much more I could have added (isn't it crazy now that we went digital to have THOUSANDS upon thousands of photos to sift through now!?) But I'll leave the recap at that. Looking forward to a full and happy 2015 :)