Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few things

I have absolutely nothing to talk about. It's cold and gross and I can't feel my feet they're so frozen. The blahs are definately hitting hard here-I can't wait for spring!!!

I've been spending bookoo amounts of time on facebook lately. Here is a 25 random things about me thing that I copied to put on here since I simply have nada to gab about...:)

1. We have no photos of me. I am always behind the camera. I told trav if I died tomorrow we'd have no pic for the obit.

2. I was born in Sydney Australia. My dad was in the Royal Australian Navy. I still don't understand how that works since he's American.

3. I have lived in Australia, Virginia, South Carolina and Illinois. For some reason I still concider South Carolina to be where I belong even though we moved away when I was 10. I hate Illinois but I am afraid I would maybe miss the seasons.

4. I am a blog NUT. I love blogs, I have a blog and I read blogs all the time. I have no idea what I did before blogs. What a waste of time-lol.

5. I don't know how to shop for myself. I physically cannot force myself to buy stuff that is meant only for ME. (mommy guilt??) I can buy each kid 10 pair of jeans that they don't need but I am going on 6 yrs of no snowboots for myself-and I live in Illinois-now come ON...

6. We are currently remodeling our 2cd old home. Our first one was a bungalow built in the 30's and was precious when we finished it. This one is over 100 yrs old,3 stories and we have only the foyer left to do and finish the garage. Exciting!!!

7. I am secretly petrified that I am indeed allergic to this house though...

8. One of my best friends I met online and we still haven't met in person. Most would think that's a little strange.

9. I've been a hairstylist for 16 yrs. I haven't worked hardly in 2 yrs but am still very close with many old clients and talk, email and have lunch with a few.

10. I used to be a good runner. I could run and run and my legs would never give out. Now I doubt I could make it to the corner of my street.

11. I make a mean pulled pork. Ask Trav.

12.I am not loving my new pillow I bought. It's too puffy.

13. I'm not supposed to be drinking hot chocolate-but I am right now (shhh!lol) -(kidney stone diet-omg I am so old!!!)

14. I am starting a book club with a friend hopefully soon. (oh the things you look forward to when you're a SAHM)

15. I wish I made more time for friends...(see #14)

16. When I was 2 yrs old I snuck out of out of our house wearing a see thru nightie of my moms and went to have a playdate with a friend down the street without my mom knowing. It was before 6am. Everyone was asleep. Boy-I would love to be able to remember the look on the neighbor moms face. My mom was mortified.

17. I've always wanted to write a children's book. I'm not sure why-I'm not any good at writing!

18. A blog I have been reading since August has made me completely re-evaluate my life.

19. I feel we made the wrong decision to send Chloe to a different school this year and am currently fretting over it alot!!!

20. I love to lampwork. It's like therapy to me to sit and melt glass in the flame. I can't get the boys naps configured so I can actually have time for that now though.

21. I have an etsy store and have sold thru the art association's holiday sale. When I have more tme to devote to my lampwork/jewelry I would love to have a website and be in art fairs-although how to arrange doing that and care for the kids seems daunting.

22. The furthest place we've been on vacation is Greece. It's got to be the most gorgeous place on earth. (well,the islands...Athens is dirty-but very interesting)

23. This one time in New Orleans- Travis and I decided to take the cablecar to the end of the line just to kinda "tour" the graden district expecting to pay and turn around or something. Ya-it was end of the line for these suckers. We had to walk more than 5 miles at like 2 am thru some sketchy areas. I still to this day cannot believe we didn't get mugged!

24. I love the show LOST. We both are sooooooo happy it's back on!!!

25. I am thinking about cutting my hair off. Like -tonite. Funny thing is I'll have to let Trav do the back. After cutting hair for 16 yrs how can I be so critical of other stylist's cuts yet let my husband hack at mine is beynd


Kim said...

#8 is my favorite-LOL! You really should go meet her though.

Mary said...

OH. MY. GOD. Amanda, My husband and I did the EXACT same thing in New Orleans. Doncha think they should make a sign or something? You know, for us tourists?

Loved all your random facts! I feel like I know you even better now!

XOXO, Mary