Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I whipped up a few pair of earrings today that may be spoken for already...If my neighbor decides on diff colors I will get these listed... This isn't the best picture but oh well-you get the jist.

I kinda like the simple wire wrapped pair and am thinking about making a pair for myself......I like how the earwires feel. I made that bead in a teardrop shape then wrapped the upper area to hide the hole. I'm thinking about experimenting w/ diff sizes/shapes in that style...hmmmmm...

Today at Chloe's school was wacky clothes day. The kids who pay a quarter ($ is a fundraiser to help support a summer camp) got to dress up crazy. There were some interesting outfits-lemme tell ya. Chloe was all pink and green w/ striped tights, fun capris, more stripes on her shirt....Our neighbor Sydney had the best outfit-all layered up w/ tights, leggins, skirt, backwards jean jacket, 2 different shoes and wacky hair...Her mom took a picture of them before school so hopefully I can get her to forward that to me to put on here :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


How sick would this make you?

Not the artwork taped to the door-the glass in our practically brand new storm door! Luckily we've got that inner door that was open when this happened and I slowly closed to make sure no pieces fell on the inside. Trav was mowing the grass and apparently it caught a rock and next thing you know....sigh. Make me sick! I'll tell ya-9 months pregnant and picking itty bitty pieces of glass out of our yard was sure fun last night.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Etsy shops!

I listed the pink and green post earrings today....bout time huh? I've got a few ideas for sterling cooking up in my brain to make...more time consuming but(not to mention the cost of silver right now...ugh!)....we'll see if/when they get made. I made a funky name bead yesterday I've to figure out what on earth to do with.....I should get a pic of it-maybe someone would have a suggestion-lol. Been meaning to do a little metal work today and just never got around to it. Gabe was just sleeping too good and didn't want to start hammering away...

On another cousin Shyla has officially set up her etsy shop-although nothing's been listed yet but she's working on that. She sews, quilts, appliques,etc to make adorable baby and child accessories. Her site is

And another great shop to come is a collaboration between my cyber-friend Mary and her father. He looks to be a very talented woodworker (and really devoted grandad) and Mary's doing the fun computer part for him. He makes the cutest baby cars and trucks made of wood and are completely safe for these little guys to play w/-non toxic,etc...They also don't have anything posted yet but I'm anxiously waiting for some cars to start popping up in the shop since I know Gabe would totally be into them now...The site is

If anyone reading frequents etsy I think you should heart these shops if you have kids or kids to buy gifts for!! :) *wink wink*

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gorgeous weather

There's been too much baby chasing outside to get much done. It's been so nice all week and Chloe has had such cabin fever I just can't get her to stay inside...which then I feel I need to be out there as well and not depend on the other neighbor moms to feel responsible for her. Now all of a sudden Gabe's vocabulary is all "walk,wagon,walk,wagon,swing,weeeeeeeeeeee???????" ("wee" is slide in his language) and we ended up skipping nap today and spending all afternoon outside playing w/ buddies.

So needless to say I haven't gotten much done around here. I do have a few things to list but I've been messing around trying to get just the right pictures but the sun seems to be almost TOO bright to get good ones (aw too bad huh).

Our magnolia trees have been so pretty all week and now all of a sudden the flowers are shedding like crazy and it feel like you're being rained on by petals when you stand underneath-it's really pretty and the kids were loving running around trying to catch them today so they'd have "7 days of good luck" lol. ok...

I took some pics of Chloe climbing the tree last night so I'll post one so you can see how pretty it is...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What'd you think this post was about? lol

Here's a new pair of stud earrings I made a couple days ago. I have a black and white pair I made for myself about 6 months ago or so and they're very comfortable...I know some people just simply don't wear dangley earrings so I thought why not offer something on posts that is still fun and funky?
I'll be listing these tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy day...

I did get 2 small things whipped up this afternoon so hopefully tomorrow will be a nice sunny day to get some good pictures and get them listed...

I ended up being chosen for a critique by Tim Adams on Etsy and am getting alot of great feedback on my shop by other sellers as well. It's pretty exciting! Here's the link to his blog-

I also received a note from a super nice lady named Cassandra Russell who made me a free avatar after she saw me on his critiques page! Here's a link to her blog- Thanks again Cassandra!

Monday, April 14, 2008


The Joy of Homemaking blog is featuring etsy sellers who are expecting &/or sell baby items. Mine happens to be the first one. Boy I didn't give her much info like others did huh? I think it's really cool to be on someone else's blog either way though! :)

Me? Sew?

OK I never claimed I could sew. The most I'd tackled is 2 crib skirts and a bumper pad-so my experience is pretty.....well-thin. I can, however, thread the sewing machine-only because I remember that from 7th grade home ec class.

So I got this bug to fix Chloe's jeans-she just got them for xmas but the knees were blowing out already. That fabric I fell in love w/ and showed a few posts back my cousin supplied me with since she had a little left and I went to work yesterday w/ heat bond and my sewing you know that to fit a pair of jeans up to the knee then go in a circle is impossible? At least it is for me-I have no idea how people do this stuff-lol. Let's just say after a much elevated BP, 3 broken needles and bloody fingers-it's finished-and lots had to be finished by hand...There is no way I'd show a close up-let's just put it that But overall they're kinda cute and Chloe likes them-which is what counts-right? I've got to add a pic w/ Gabe in it to even things out- :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chloe's necklace

Just wanted to share a picture of Chloe's necklace I made w/ the letter beads. She's had quite a few compliments on it. Still trying to figure out how to list the beads &/or necklaces or bracelets on etsy but since it would depend on how many letters it makes it difficult to price it.....So-we'll see. I'll get it figured out...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fun with letters...

So my friend Kim shared a website with me last year where this family took pictures of "letters" and spelled out words and framed them up-I thought it was so cute! We both talked about how it would make us start looking at things differently. When we were in Florida over xmas break since my camera was always on me it made it easy to spot and take some great letter pictures-and Chloe is VERY talented in finding them when I couldn't...(there are some GREAT E's at Cinderella's castle at Disney-lol)

So when Trav was asked to be the godfather for our neighbor's baby (baptism was today) we didn't really want to do the $ in a card thing or yet another rosary-and I got the lightbulb over the head moment-looked-had the letters needed, tweaked them, had the printed up and found a frame and wah-lah! I think it turned out really cool and they seemed to really like it as well. (whew!) Here's a shot of it....

Friday, April 4, 2008


I've been messing around w/ this whole blog set up/ html stuff-I am so clueless it's not even funny. I have been trying to figure out how to place pictures in diff spots in my post instead of then all being up top-it's been explained to me-yet whenever I do it somehow everything gets deleted! I'm trying this one more time...LOL.

So a few weeks back I was experimenting w/ cabs and wanting to make something BIGGER and ended up w/ these heart pins...I think they turned out cute. I have 2 listed on etsy so far. One more to go. Today I sat and went thru Chloe's American Girl book since it has some really cool color combos and cute little doodles in it and I tried something else-which i wasn't fond of-probably since I had bout 25 minutes til I had to get her from school so I felt rushed...I may try it again...been whipping out some more letter beads to possibly list as well. I finished Chloe's name necklace and it turned out so cute. I will try to take a picture of her wearing it this weekend and post it...