Thursday, January 15, 2009

Of coarse I'm going to worry...

So we just braved the -28 degree windchill to go to the GI dr for Gabe since it takes at least 6 months to get into him. Of COARSE the appt fell on today of all days.

He is scheduled for a scope/biopsy next Wed to check him for reflux. Since he's always been so easy to get sick and sick so bad (upon other issues) he was diagnosed with restrictive airways-the GI dr says reflux and restrictive airway disease kind of go together (I'd never heard that but ok...) then asked if he's wakeful at night? (omg-like allllll nightttttt longgggggg he's talking in his sleep,calling for water,etc) he said yep! I was just going to ask if he was always asking for a drink while in bed-that answers that. He's fairly certain he's got a reflux issue and he's got to be put under for this procedure. I've heard plenty of others say their child had to have this done but having your kid put under just scares*the*crap*out*of*me!!! I'm gonna have to get a grip and know that whatever comes from this and whatever med they put him on will make him feel better.

School's been called off today due to the weather. I've got Chloe "playing school" right now w/ mom homework assignments (lots of math and reading a chapter book for her reading minutes for school) so I can hopefully start getting some of these bead sets ready to photo.

I'm thinking a hot chocolate break is in order soon tho...:)

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