Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

After me telling Chloe that I was 26 quite awhile back she believed it and tells everyone I am 26. Works for me. She's 10 years off but I'm not correcting her. I figure as long as she thinks I'm younger I'll feel that way too. I told Trav if this keeps up year after year it she will sit and think gee, were you really 14 when you had me?

Here's a shot of what we were doing last year on my birthday~
MGM on our 2cd day at Disney watching Beauty and the Beast...

The light display there was so cool!

I can't beleive a whole year has flown by so fast. Feels like yesterday.

So I get to pick whats for dinner tonite. :) I'm thinking a run for Thai is in order-it's been at least 6 months. Hoping they're open since it's Sunday-and since I"m craving it they probably won't be...eek.

We had yet another xmas this morning (with Trav's dad and step mom) since they went on a cruise over xmas. Gabe got a new train table and I'm still trying to figure out who had more fun setting things up- Gabe, Chloe or Travis? I'm also anxious to try out the wii fit they gave us :) looks neat!


Angela Wright said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the changes to the blog! Do you ever eat Little Saigon? sooooo good!

Amanda said...

Little Saigon is being called in as I type-lol. Others WERE closed-thx for reminding me bout that place-I had forgotten.:)