Thursday, October 14, 2010

Around the house yesterday...

Crisp fall leaves are are starting to fall in our front yard~

Sawyer looks around to match the leaves with the trees and tries to reattach them~

I love the crunching sound when I walk outside~
{but my allergies hate this time of year!}

Color in the backyard~

View from the front yard pointing up~

The biggest spider I've ever found at our house has taken up residence on our porch...

What's in front of me when at the computer~
Just look at how much Chloe's face is changing!

What I see when I'm torching~

Pretty colors all organized~

The retro halloween decor Chloe dug up in Nana's basement~
Cracks me up-it's all over the house...

One of my favorite antiques~but it scares the bejeezus out of the kids.
Flip doll-it has Grandma on the other side of the Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood is at the other end when you flip it over. I thought it would be fun to set out for H'Ween...

A huge vat of veggie beef soup w/ a crusty loaf of italian bread for dinner...

It was a great day for being outside, leaf piles, having friends over and just chilly enough for soup to be perfect!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craft sale

On Saturday I was in a large craft fair at a church here in town.

Unfortunately for us who participated it was gorgeous outside and there simply too many vendors.
Oh well, live and learn.

I can use all the practice I can to haul and set up on my own...and I was still pretty puny feeling from being sick last week-NO FUN!

Looking at these pictures tells me what I need to change... (ah-hem...tableclothes!!!)

Sewing slipcovers is on my agenda this winter!

Did notice my new addition? My gal finally got her facelift!
{more on her makeover another day-love how she turned out!}
Up next is the indoor country club sale I was in last year at Panther Creek.
Working on steamlining my displays for an 8 foot table for that...That's alot to fit in a small space!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He's got his daddy's rhythm

This is what I get to see when the ice cream man is in the vicinity.

I can't tell you how much I love this goofy little dance of his that he breaks into. I really need to get it on video-but for now a fast shutter speed will do.

The move above is my fave.Flinggggg...

Oh, this one too-where he ends up standing on his head w/ his foot pointed to the sky...I just caught it too early.

Chloe just shakes her head and laughs. I said well, wouldn't the world be a little more fun if everyone could just bust a move at a song they like no matter where they are?