Tuesday, March 15, 2011

*So excited for the break in the weather this week! It was 74 today and I ended up with my first mosquito bite of the yr :(. There is talk of awful snow and ice next week (judging by people who read the farmer's almanac)-I hope it's wrong!

*Still pouring over images and the news in Japan. Heartbreaking. Counting my many blessings at this time.

*We broke down and finally bought the king mattresses I've been dreaming of for so long......only to have them not fit up our stairs! BOO! But...like I said in that last sentence-I am counting my blessings...no matter how broken down our current bed is : we have a bed-and of that I am thankful.

*Chloe knocked one of her front permanent teeth back a little last week when she fell at recess. I hope the tooth doesn't die.

*I think the change in weather is starting to awaken my creative side again. I go dormant and hibernate during the dreary winter...

*We have been tuckpointing and painting our basement. It's a mess.

*Planning our vacation to Charleston, South Carolina! I can't wait to visit where I grew up and hopefully meet up with old friends!!

*Wishing I was on my way to Ohio to visit a certain 1 yr old for his big bash

*Yesterday was a very hard day for me. My grandmother won't be with us for much longer and I went to say goodbye. I know this next week will be a difficult one.

Monday, March 14, 2011