Thursday, September 24, 2009

How long will this last?


I just read chapter 4 of The Artist's Way and received my tasks for this week in the mail. Since I was too wiped out to go to class last night the teacher was nice enough to mail me the papers.

**Let me start out by saying this is going to be a very long hard week for me. It's all about reading deprivation. I read that and thought "pfft, no problem-I'm not reading a book right now anyway!" then read further where it talks about how much of a time-suck reading emails, blogs, get the picture. Eek. I like checking in on my fave blogs. This is gonna bite!

It even discourages tv. I haven't been watching any tv lately and only occasionally I get to hear Barney or Seasame Street in the background for noise. That won't be too much of a problem. Now I will say that I did kind of count on being able to rest up and lay on the couch and read SOMETHING while I'm trying to recover here. I get the whole "if you're not reading or watching something you'll get busy doing something else" gig-but I'm sick! This is gonna be f.u.n.

LOL-k-I'm done ranting. guess I need to turn off the computer now. See ya next week and wish me luck.

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