Monday, September 21, 2009

Soccer cuties

**Chloe soccer fall 2009 **

There's not too much to gab about here these days. I've been keeping really busy seeing how much inventory I can crank out before filling out the application papers for these 2 shows coming up. I think I'll be ok. Just had to make 3 supply orders yesterday so I'm more or less at a stand still waiting for it all to arrive to put things together. In the meantime I'll be making beads, beads and more beads whenever possible!

**Gabe (wishes he was in soccer) fall 2009 **

It's been slow-goin around here. We were all sick last week and this time I really felt like I could just curl up and die. Gabe was really bad off as usual and it's kind of reared it's ugly head again this week. It all started with Chloe-which is very unusual since she's our healthy kid who brings school germs home to share so to speak...

**Had to add this one of Gabe because I love how he smiles with his cheeks so much that they squish up into his eyes making them all squinty-like. **

So-Trav took the day off today to buy his dad's truck and go to the dr. He's got a raging sinus infection and no voice. He just called a few minutes ago to say the dr said it sounds like we all had the swine flu. Hold the phone-say what????? Are you sure? Says we sound like the classic case and it started hitting around here over labor day weekend. Well, don't I feel special? Well, if that was it-it really sucked but we all survived. lol

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