Thursday, September 10, 2009


My Artist's Way class last night was really quite good. There were alot of exercises we went through and shared-lots of great comments were made.

One assignment was to draw/paint/sculpt our "monster" that we talked about last week. Since we've all been sick I kind of waited til the last minute not knowing how I wanted to do it-then when I made a crack about wishing I'd done it with paper mache Chloe ran and got a balloon, blew it up and said well, just use the balloon then! Hey-great idea chickie!

So here without further adu (is that how you spell that?lol) is my 5th grade teacher.

If anyone who I went to school with visits on here they'll know right away who this guy I don't think he was nice to anyone-just a very unhappy man I think...

I do think it's ironic that where I set it for the picture you can see a photo of me close to the age I was when I was in his class...I honestly sat it there so the fan would stop blowing it over-afterwards I looked and thought wow-it's like he's still there yelling at me over something. hmm.


CindiP said...

OMG, I totally remember him!!!

Shyla said...

I feel like that too with my fifth grade teacher Mr Feder from Riverton I hated him. I can still hear him yelling at me in the hallway right before we moved to North Carolina. So anyway I feel your pain..

Amanda said...

LOL @ Cindi-Weren't you right across the hall? You probably heard him all the time from over there. I couldn't breathe in that classroom all year. Terrified!