Saturday, September 5, 2009

The big 3

We've been all under the weather here for the last couple of days...Just in time for a nice long holiday weekend.


So I thought I could post a few pictures of Gabe's birthday party last weekend. The family party was supposed to be tomorrow but is now postponed due to all the fevers,etc.

All the kiddos decorated their own cupcakes.


I love this shot of Gabe-one of my fave's ever. Goofy toothless grin...

Sawyer experiencing the bounce house for the first time. lol

If I knew he'd be so stinkin happy with his plastic giraffe I got him I wouldn't have bothered with all the other gifts! I should have just gotten all the Madagascar animals and called it a day. Man -I've never seen a kid so into animals! He talks about animals that I doubt I knew about that young. He'll be off talking about platypus's, wombats, pheasants...he said one the other day that floored me but I don't remember now. What a smartie.

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