Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping to do...

I went on my Artist's weekly date today (that's part of the whole deal with taking the class) so I decided this week I will go to an antique mall to see if I could run across any spinning necklace racks. I didn't find any BUT-I rounded a corner in one room, looked up and the booth right in front of me was chock full of new jewelry displays (why were in the antique mall I'll never know...) I was so excited! I bought a few things and a neat little antique cage thing to display earrings on. Great prices too!

I set up my tables tonite in the dining room to see how I am in the display department...I wanted to check heights and placement to see how much else I'd need. I think I've narrowed it down to what I need. I'm excited! Now that I can see it all laid out I can totally picture it all now. I really need to get to work!!

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