Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In my tray this week:

I found this neat metal tray at Goodwill last week for .75-it still had it's Pier One price tag on the bottom for $10. Sweet!

I was going to use it for candles or something in the dining room, possibly paint it or something...then a couple days ago decided it would work great to contain the piles that were scattered all over my workbench. Perfect!

So here are a few of my immediate projects. A couple custom wax seal pendants that are heading out in the mail tomorrow, a couple pair of copper earrings that are waiting for a coat sealing wax, more copper disks waiting to be made into something, a few cab beads ready to be made into pins, a drawer full of hollow and focal beads for some lariats.....more wax seal pendants waiting for a coat of paint.......

Today was a really bad day sickness and energy wise. I forced myself to nap but I'm glad I did. The boys naptime is my time to get things done so it bugged me but I got over it-lol.

I think I'm going to go ahead and do both the Holiday Art Fair at the country club and the Holiday Hall (3rd year to participate) at the Art Association. That's a fair bit of pressure to put on myself concidering I don't have much inventory at the moment, not many chances to torch and working around kids naptimes...not to mention I don't have anything for displays figured out yet....sigh. I guess I tend to work better under pressure-but if this virus is any indication of what kind of winter this will be for us it's gonna be a tough one! Let's just hope we all stay healthy and I can get back on track...

Just curious-if anyone's still reading this after all my babble.....I'm looking for ideas of items that would be great gift ideas since both fairs are centered around x-mas shopping. What do you think?


Shyla said...

I would say earrings and rings are good for christmas. Also maybe some necklaces that are have just a letter on them. Then if someone sees one but they want it custom you can give them your number and make it. I know that you have thought of all of this but that is what I am thinking this early in the morning.

Angela Wright said...

Love the idea of earrings - and rings...(great gift ideas for those who can't afford the snazzy bracelets..lol..)and those CUTE alpha pendants that you have in your last post..I need one of those!!
Just some thoughts!