Saturday, May 2, 2009

A few body parts and some worm hunting

At least all this rain is good for something~ it's bringing out the worms for our little wormhunter to dig for. His latest obsession is to find a skinny stick and swoosh thru any puddle we happen along (quite a few) and play with "wormy worms". He's graduated to letting them crawl on his hand now then letting them go under our hostas.

I try to get random shots of their eyes now and then. Chloe's eyecolor has changed 3 times already and she's only 7. Gabe's has gone from deep blue to gray and now a brown ring is starting around the center. I wonder if it will continue to go brown or stay this way?

Had to get a closeup of that toothless grin...

And share some happy eyes. Sawyer is just such a happy kid... :)

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