Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm not sure which of you caught The Doctor's tv program today...I caught a few minutes right when the boys were getting up from naps and turned it on just as it was gettin good!!

There's the link if you didn't catch it. I guess since I didn't see this coming I was just shocked! I sat up with my hand over my mouth saying ohhhhhh myyyyyyyy gawwwwwwwwsh...Dr Travis really went OFF.

Now I can see from both sides and it brings up alot of interesting bits about vaccines, our envirionment, foods, etc that really do scare me and make me wonder about what our kids (and us) are putting into our bodies. I commend that Jenny McCarthy has done her research on the matter and all. What I don't care for is how she tends to act like a medical doctor these days when in fact she is not. There are unfortunately too many parents who have autistic children who have done their research and I just hate how this country puts her up on the pedestal to listen to because of her celebrity. Ugh.

Steppng off my soapbox now...

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