Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Celebrity sighting?

I totally forgot mention this the other day!!

I swear I saw Robert Duvall at the art fair. Call me crazy-if it wasn't him it was his twin-with the identical voice to match ...

So I'm walking along in the center area around the Old Capital carrying a box lid full of bottled waters-delivering them to artists as I was heading to the next booth I was sitting for...and there was a man strolling in front of me talking to a man next to him. I was needing by but didn't want to squeeze between them and there were too many people milling back and forth at the edges. So I slow up and walk behind for a few seconds and see him turn to the side talking to his friend and it strikes me immediately that this man looks exactly like Robert Duvall! Finally they see me and step apart to let me through and he chuckles and says something about "see, this young lady is even bringing me water! How nice!" I just turned to him laughed it off and made some stupid joke, squeezed through and kept walking-then hesitated and almost turned to say something to him.....then his voice hit me and I freaked out and couldn't-lol. What a loser! :P


Angela Wright said...

well, did you ever find out if anyone else saw him - or if that's who it was??

Amanda said...

Nope, I haven't heard anything...(?) So who knows?