Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's funny how excited I get to actually post a piece of jewelry on here-concidering that's why I started this blog to begin with-lol.

I made this for myself last week and love it. It's tiny and shimmery and simple. I've been wearing it everyday and can't even feel that it's on. The pendant has been stamped, hammered and oxidized for texture and depth then tumbled and polished for sheen.

In other news...something made it's way into the house and I'm not liking it! Gabe had a fever for days but (knock on wood) no fever overnight and is back to himself. I -on the otherhand- feel like crap. Trav says it's probably allergies but it's all just too coincidental. Yesterday I felt feverish (went away-whew!) sore throat, no energy and just out of it in general. Blah! I am booth sitting this Sunday at the Old Capital Art Fair and hope I'm feeling back to normal by then!

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