Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breaking point

I used to handle stress just fine. In fact-I thrived on it-I worked better under pressure. Still do-depending on the situation.

But once I had kids-and those stresses came in the form of medical issues-that does me in. Not to mention that anything bad comes in 3's for I hope to God there isn't anything more coming my way or I may just crawl in bed for the next 2 weeks and not show my face.

Two days ago I took Gabe for an appt w/ the ped pulmonologist for a checkup. Everything was fine as he listened to him and all then he looked at his chest xray and kept looking at it at all these weird angles (was waiting for him to stand on his damn head to look at it) then kept doing hmmmmmmm...hmmmmmm...omg spit it out man! "i don't like this area right here-see this?" um no not really but...he says looks like some kind of nodule or something. Probably having to do w/ fungal stuff in our air here in Illinois but I want to talk to the radiologist first and I'll call you this afternoon to discuss. Greaaaaaaaaaat.

Gabe was sick last week (the only good about that is it's the FIRST time he's been sick where it didn't require antibiotics, nebulizers,etc to get him out of it-good sign!) BUT-he passed it to Sawyer. He wasn't so lucky. I kept waiting for it to be on the downhill slide but each day seemed worse than the last.

Yesterday morning I woke to him screaming. Thinking his leg was between the rails I rushed in there to stop short at the wall of stench that hit me at his door. Up to the changer and off goes the pj's to have me standing in stunned silence while he wailed. I've never quite seen anything like the diaper rash he had. The diarreah he'd had (from being sick I suppose) had evidentally sat in there all night (can't believe it didn't wake him!!) and had just burned his whole front and inner thieghs...So heres me-crying and panicing and getting him into a cool bathtub since wipes hurt him too bad. As the morning went on he was choking on the mucus, lethargic, fever and wheezey sounding. Their ped is great-got us in at 1 pm.

So I'm changing Sawyer to go to the dr appt and the school calls. Great timing. The school nurse is telling me that Chloe's in pain when she goes o the bathroom and is actually having quite a bit of blood when she pees. I had just enough time to grab her from school (of coarse on the other side of town) and get back over to the dr office w/o a minute to spare. The dr was great and went ahead and did a urine specimen. Now more stress...

So he was saying the little dipstick tester showed elevated everything...including sugar. I'm like what? He says well...concidering you shouldn't have any sugar in urine that's not a good thing so...
So he says well, I doubt she's got diabetes but...
oh great.
So after talking it over about waiting for the urine to go thru lab testing, etc I decided to have her blood drawn (after asking what would YOU do if it were your kid?). She cried so bad while they drew her blood-I think more scared about what this meant that pain from the needle. She's got 2 good friends her age who have diabetes and has watched all the finger pricks and insuline shots.

So 2 calls I need to make today. To find out if my son has something weird growing in his lung and to find out if my daughter has diabetes.

This is great-2 minutes ago my phone rang and caller ID says it was the American Diabetes Assoc. Please tell me that's not a sign.


Shyla said...

That is not a sign it just mean's that incase she has it they want you to be prepared on everything from checking her blood to diet. I went thru it when I was pregnant with zane before they said that I had the diabetes. I hope that all is well and I will be praying that it is. I am so sorry to hear that your house is sick and full of worry

Shannon said...

AMANDA! You must be beside yourself! I will pray for you and your family today as you wait to hear back!