Friday, April 3, 2009


I love facebook. I can't believe I had it for 2 years and totally forgot about it. It's been so long since Cindi and I have seen each other. The internet can do amzing things. It's found a long lost friend for me.

Sweet little Jonas~

Here's my Gabey swinging~gave me some good toothless grins today...
Jonas again before the squirrel came to eat all his leftover cheerios~

Her other boy Isaac who poses the same each time he saw my camera~couldn't sneak it by him-lol.

It turned out to be a gorgeous sunny day so we grabbed a pizza, strawberries and cheesesticks and hit the park.

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CindiP said...

Wow, you take great pictures! And yes, it is almost impossible to sneak up on Isaac, LOL. I had a great time seeing you and really enjoyed meeting Gabe and Sawyer. I'm so glad we reconnected! Oh, and Isaac saw Gabe's picture and told Rex "That's my new friend!" :-)