Friday, April 10, 2009

It's official:

Spring is springing...we'll get a hot day with mosquitos and bees then back to jackets and gloves and snowflakes. Goofy Illinois weather.

Yesterday we ran outside for an impromptu easter egg hunt in the front yard. lol-not many places to hide eggs concidering some landscaping we planted last year is just starting to sprout a few leaves but oh well...

I had to run across the street and get a shot of the magnolia tree in bloom-Chloe's so lucky-how her room is situated she's got the front magnolia tree and the side magnolia tree so out of all 4 windows right now you see nothing but pink fluff. Gorgeous.

Note the finished porch :) I'm so happy to have that to enjoy all summer now!!

You can see by Gabe's feet my hydrangea's are popping up! Yea! to keep them and all the neighbor kids out of that area....hmmmm...

My goofy egg I just had to make after seeing some similar ones in a store. It's made from window screen. Any idea how hard it is to "sew" w/ wire? Not real fun... A little blood involved. In any case-I started it well ahead of time-then forgot about it-then messed some more-then forgot again. So it was hung only a couple days before easter-oh well. Better than nothing-which is what I've always had since the house was always such a work in progress.

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Mary said...


I just have to say, your house is SOOOOO beautiful! What a great job you and Travis have done to it.

When Greg is giving Justin his breakfast tomorrow morning, I'm going to go outside and make a rabbit track trail out of a stencil I'm making and baby powder and leave Justin's basket at the front door and hide the eggs around the yard. Then I'm going to ring the bell and leave a note from the Easter Bunny telling him "Happy Easter" and to look for all his eggs.

It's the first year he'll do an egg hunt and I think I'm more excited than he will be. Also? After he wakes up today... Egg Dying!!! Yay!

Happy Easter to you and all your kiddies!

XOXO, Mary