Friday, April 17, 2009

Terrible 2's are showing up a bit late...

This rotten little stinker has been running me through the ringer lately. Man-I'm whooped. If you can imagine-this is the look I get all day long-it's meaning either "I'm up to something" or "You need me but I am going to turn and run and hide" or "I didn't hear a word you said".

*Prince Gabe*

The little turkey is so cute about it though that it's hard to really get mad at him. Especially when he's wearing princess crowns upside down.


Becky said...

this is so cute of Gabe, now, how is Sawyer and how's he growing?
Is everyone well now?

Amanda said...

Hi Aunt B! Evereyone is well (this week anyway!lol) knock on wood.
Sawyer is getting so big-so close to walking. He goes to standing on his own now w/o pulling up and will take a step before falling forward. And such a smiley happy boy :) I'll post some pics soon.