Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random babble

Today I'm kicked back on the front porch-happy that we chose to get the deep seater furniture so I can sit sideways and be cozy. Thanking Travis in my head for the forethought of the extra outlet he installed "in case I ever want to sit outside on the laptop" lol. Never thought I'd see the day...Thanks, Dove chocolate, for showing me I need to sit and chill every now and then :)

So I sit here thinking about how some big ole ferns would look pretty...2 I think. We also still need house numbers for our address, mailbox and entry rug (all left over from last summer's OPAM-lol) Maybe I'll cruise some websites while out here. Although I'm itching to get back to reading my new book...hmmm...

Here is our yearly birdnest in our side Magnolia tree-right outside of the dining room window. Yesterday the eggs hatched and Gabe and I got to watch her feed the babies for the first time. Interesting to talk to a 2 yr old about how they feed the babies as we ate lunch. He looked at me like I was crazy (they're eating worm puke?) lol...Ya-did wonders for my appetite. Sure are cute tho.

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