Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok-I admit I am way out of shape. I can't even cross my legs today without the help of my arms lifting my legs into place. Pathetic. Trav and I were asked to sub for indoor soccer on Chloe's soccer coach's adult team. It's been how many years since I've ran around like thaton a field? 15? 17? oh my... Let's just say every.single.stinkin.muscle.hurts. Even my shoulders. Weird! Hey-at least I (kinda) kept up?!

Not much was accomplished this weekend. Trav had to help a guy from work move, we had the soccer game then helped his mother with delivering her new washer/dryer, installing, etc. Then Sunday I had a highlight all morning and cleaned all afternoon. On a high note: I do believe we have siding picked out for the garage-now we just need to settle on a size.He's given me the ok to start measuring the attic and staring with "a plan" for up there...(MY plan is to do a huge master suite w/ 2 walk-in closets and a nice big bathroom) but use it as sort of a rec room for awhile-a place Chloe can play w/ friends, have air hockey,etc up there...who knows.

I've started reading "The Secret"...very interesting I've got to say. Lie to yourself-make yourself believe your lie-and it will come true???- that's all I've gotten out of it so far. We'll

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