Friday, April 3, 2009


I just LOVE our pediatrician.

I was at the grocery store last night when Travis called me. It was around 6 pm and said the doctor just called to fill us in on labs as they come in. I had already spoken to the nurse earlier as well-I think it's great that they want to keep us informed as more come in and that he actually sits and calls HIMSELF to discuss. You don't see that often. He's great!

Well, as it turns out her final urinalysis results don't show glucose! Whew. The blood test showed high blood sugars over the last couple of months-but the overall result is no diabetes!!!! Thank God.

I also called on Gabe's chest xray. They want a repeat in 6 months with 3 different views as opposed to 2. The radiologist is questioning whether or not it's a nodule. Ok-so what does that mean? He didn't mention comparing it to old I get to stew about this one for 6 months.

I've got an old friend coming over today who I reconnected with on facebook. We met in 5th grade and hung out til after high school then lost track of each other. It's been about 15 years since I've seen her. So hard to believe so much time has gone by! I'm so excited to see her again and meet her boys. They're got about a 2 hr drive so they should be here soon :) Yea!

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CindiP said...

Wow, I knew Sawyer had been sick but I didn't know that you were going through all that testing with Gabe and Chloe. Lots of prayers that all tests are negative and that all the kids are in the best of health soon.