Thursday, September 2, 2010

A walk around the state fair~

I ended up taking a little blog break. I do have way too much to say-lol-yet just can't make myself sit and upload photos and organise my thoughts. Maybe back to school has something to do with that. We're all just trying to get back into a new groove.

So, I'd mentioned I was going to see Blondie! My old friend, Shannon, drove a couple hours to hit the fair with me and see the show. Cheap Trick was to play too-I'd seen them before as well and are awesome. :)

But before the show we had to walk around and eat and sightsee.
No, I did not eat any alligator on a stick.
(eta: i just noticed the look on the alligator's face...looks like he's grotting his teeth and sweating-lolllll)

Hmm...the skies are looking a bit funny...but the lights sure look pretty against the dark sky!

The giant slide-a staple at our fair.

As we say it :Fried WHATTTT?? (said with a southern accent :))
hmm-fried snickers??

Now in the grandstand...still not liking the look of those skies.

Debby Harry takes the stage dressed in a see thru tulle skirt and theigh highs.
I think I calculated her age at around 65?
Wonder if my mother in law would ever dress like that? {LOL}
Just sayin-they're bout the same age. hehe...

Pic from the screen. Took Chloe's camera and the zoom was rotten.

Me and Shannon after they forced everyone high up into the grandstand due to rain.
That's rain on my boob. I did not dribble beer. lol

And our view after we moved up high and they kicked Blondie off the stage due to the crazy lightning and rain.

We hung out with Shannon's friend and sipped beer, sat back and chatted and watched the massive waterfall over the stage roof for an hour til they finally said ok, ya'll-everyone leave-the show won't be!
So we tracked down some pretty black garbage bags (no pics!lol) and meandered thru the rain back to the car.

The show-what we were able to see-was really good. Blondie sounded great and some of their new music was actually very good.

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