Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Garage sale SCORE!

So totally worth the trip!!

I've been so sick for the last week and a half. Only today am I starting to feel a little energetic.

Saturday though I forced myself to hit a few garage sales on the way to the art fair. I'd promised Chloe we could go last week-and I had assumed I'd be feeling better...and I had to go since I'm planning on applying for next year and felt like I had to.
(I know-goofy...)

Anyyyhow, 1/2 way out to this neighborhood sale I was regretting leaving the house in a bad way. I just wanted to pull over and sleep. I was ready to call it a day and just go home after this last house when I spotted the antique printer's cabinet drawer..........the lady was packing up and it was just sitting there, leaning against the table leg...taunting me.

Another lady was heading up the drive....I walked faster-I knew she was heading for it too!

(I was wrong thankfully!)

I spotted a 5 on it...assuming she had $50 on it and that's why it hadn't sold...nope, $5.

Holy cow.


The lady was saying oh just make offers on anything we're closing up-

Points at the drawer I'm clutching with my puny bit of strength that my adrenaline had given me-

"You can have that for $3" she says...

I don't think I've even paid so fast for something in my life-lol.

(I scored that antique fan at a flea market for $3 a few weeks back too!)

This is what I am envisioning:

photo:ali edwards

I have a few bits of things that had belonged to my great grandmothers...earrings, a broach...old photos from when she was young...old letters I could copy bits from...and if I dig enough from family I know I could come up with more...

I can't wait to start filling it :)

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