Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday thoughts


*I saw chickens wandering around a neighbors front yard this morning on the way to school. Was a strange sight. We are not in the country.

*Wearing a sweater for the first time this season. Yes, it's grey.

*Gabe loved his first day of preK yesterday.

*Went to Sam's Club this morning EARLY. I hate when the front door lady insists on seeing my business card better to prove I do have a business (because I have kids with me I assume? who knows...)

*Feeling restless lately. Change of season? Needing to create and not knowing what I want to make.... Hate this feeling. I feel like I wander around during naptime trying to figure out what I should make and nothing gets accomplished.

*Speaking of, I need to get busy for 3 upcoming shows and a possible 4th all Oct/Nov.
{Nothing like a little pressure...}

*I'm on my 4th day of back to writing down/counting calories. I am finally not feeling like I want to eat everything in sight.

*Along with counting I've been walking daily and going to bed early. The sluggishness I've been feeling is starting to lift already...Wow.

*Excited for a Mom/Chloe day! After her crack-of-dawn soccer game tomorrow just me and Chloe are heading to St Louis to the Clayton Art Fair to wander around and she can create in the kids tent. We'll hit the Galleria while there and a few other boutiques...

*Sunday is the Carillon Art Fair. I'll be running over there to soak up more creativity. Maybe surrounding myself this weekend with art is exactly what my heart needs...

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Lucrecer said...

hello! thank you so much for the link back to my blog for the image. you have a lovely space here and i am enjoying your blog. take care!