Friday, September 3, 2010

A few minutes of peace

I was able to sleep in a little. Travis took the day off (to have 15 tons of dirt delivered-more on that project later) so he walked the kids to school this morning.

My littlest monkey

Able to make the bed at a leasurely pace, able to remember to brush my OWN teeth, come down and kiss them all goodbye before helping myself to a nice hot cup of creamy coffee and sit and flip through a few blogs and catch up on emails.


This will last for maybe another 10 minutes then I'm on my own again...but this sure has been a nice morning so far. Hopefully starting the day like this will help me to center myself, organize my day, be a more patient mom and be more productive...

{I can hope, right?}

I'm still trying to find that perfect balance~what do YOU do that creates balance in your life?

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