Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting creative with the kiddos

{When the mood strikes} I pull all the paints out and let the kids go crazy.

The antique dining room table is where it's at. Trav can't be home-he'd have a heart attack-lol.

Taping down the newspaper this time didn't even help. sigh-oh well, it scrubbed off...
(he was never the wiser hehe)
Anyhow~I ran across this project while reading Meg's blog and the boys LOVED it!
Who knew streamers were so expensive? pfft. Oh well we have many birthday parties it can be used for-right?

My fingers were covered in paint so I wasn't able to take better pictures...

But you get the idea...cut the paper plate in 1/2 and paint rainbows on each side (the backs)

You can even blend colors if you want-lol.

Glue the streamers to the insides and staple together and string her up!

Our dining room windows are so perty now-lol.
Chloe came home from school actually jealous that we'd done this without her...

Maybe when I feel normal again I'll drag it all back out...
Jeez-Pharyngitis, sinus infection and double ear infection. This is for the BIRDS. I'm soooo thankful the crazy fever that hung around is finally gone but I feel so whooped. Can't WAIT to feel better and appreciate the normal every day again!!

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