Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 things

Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet baby girl...... 11 things I love about her:
1-I love how she can go from girly-girl playing in old prom dresses with the neighbor girls then turns right around and will be the only girl playing "capture the flag" with all the neighborhood boys.

2-I love that when she plays defense in soccer she is the only one to boot the ball all the way to the other end of the field and we always hear people gasp.

3-I love that she is proud of her muscles.

4-I love how she is w/ the boys when she gets in "teacher mode" instead of sister mode. She goes from being bossy to ultra-gentle.

5-I love that she isn't into the drama that other girls in her class are starting to get into.

6-I love that she's a good friend.

7-I love that she's texting a 9 year old neighbor boy who is in the process of moving and they're talking about toilets, watermelons and tomatos. They crack me up.

9-I love that she is excited about doing secret services for each other this summer.

10-I secretely love that we have identical eye color ;)

11- I love her honestly and compassion.

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