Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Crack me up! I love the spices and sauces in this one booth in the downtown market...the names are hilarious :)

My brother, Clif and his son, Mason came down from Charlotte for a couple days. It was great seeing them-even if for a short time. here he was playing around with a huge horseshoe crab we found...I wanted to show the kids the underneath side so he was the lucky one to have to lift it ;)

Me n Trav. Not sure why he's putting bunny ears on my shoulder?

Ran thru the Unitarian Church cemetary again. Literally. There were cidada killers dive-bombing us everywhere-ick!

The boys found an above-ground tomb that was broken and you could see inside. Somehow a full-on story about this is where the zombies come out evolved...

My cutie-well, one of them...

Dinner at Gilligan's w/ Clif and Mason. The kid cracks me up with his faces...

And those crazy turtles again out back again...we went there to see the turtles really-sure wasn't for the food...lesson learned.

Just like the name-lol.
{slightly north of broad}

I think the only photo of me and Clif together...lol.
love reflections-kinda hard to see this one...

So this has me wondering about the person who set this little guy up on a downtown bench.
Did he just want to give a few people a good chuckle?
Was he watching from a window nearby?
The boys wanted to take him with us...but I made him stay put to make a few others smile.

My favorite boutique-so many fun handmade goodies!

Spinning :)
Found an awesome water-front park underneath the Ravenel Bridge crossing over from Charleston.
So much fun-and you never knew you were under a huge bridge either-crazy!

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