Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where has the time gone?


Well, Guess it's been almost a year since I've posted on here!...This one is for YOU Tara! Thanks for guilting me about my blog neglect ;) Sometimes we all need a little nudge...

It's hit me now how much I miss flipping thru old blog posts and seeing the kids grow-remembering different jewelry pieces I've made and said good-bye to, seeing the progress made on the house with I will try to get back on here more. I promise.

I've never been one who likes change. Then blogger went and changed on me. Hmph.

I've also always been one to think less of myself very easily. Reading other blogs started making me feel crappy so easily that when I quit writing- I stopped reading many of the blogs I had in my reader because they just made me feel like crap. Everyone appears to have the peachy perfect life-they take the best photographs, dog not peeing on the floor, they never yell at their kids because they're perfectly behaved, successful in their art...

So when I go to write I think who wants to hear me complain about the kids arguing non-stop, me whining about no "me time", too many birthday parties to shop for w/ no $, which art fair I didn't get into and how it throws me into the self-loathing tizzy that I hate about myself...blahblahblah...

But I can't only post the great stuff-it wouldn't be real-right? Because I don't want my posts to ever make someone feel that way.

But-it's real life. My blog-my life. What you see is whatcha get ;)

So with that being said I'm going to attempt this newish blogger layout and attach some real-life photos from the past year.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you're back!!! I love real life. That's why I read blogs.

Becky loves her new stroller!


CindiP said...

My kids are fighting nonstop and my dog likes to pee on the refrigerator. There. All better? ;-)

Seriously, though, nobody is perfect and nobody's life is perfect. Some people are just really good at projecting that image. You're awesome just the way you are and, let me tell you, your art is AMAZING!!!