Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vaca-the first couple of days

Who doesn't do this in hotels?
The BEST shrimp dinner ever. The veggies were to die for :)

My video didn't take but I'm so glad I tooka still shot of this. Our first evening after dinner we walked over to Folly Beach and there were these guys playing bongos and stuff under the pier. sawyer was facinated and kept drawing brought over a bongo for him to play and he cautiously bopped it a couple times while keeping his eyes on the guys. By the time the song was over he was keeping beat, getting into it and tried to even help them load-to which they joked maybe he could be their roadie. He jammed out to the music all the way back to the hotel still feelin it-it was adorable :)

End of Folly by the Morris lighthouse. Glad we got to stop here since we didn't make it to the boneyard beach at Bulls Island.
Taco Boy had the best Mahi tacos on Folly-yummo!
Just daydreaming about owning a cute little vacation house...
Pitt Street pier entrance

The kids were freaking out about these guys jumping at the end of Pitt Street. Was fun entertainment-especially once the Coast Guard starting whooping their siren at them and saying through the speaker "not a very smart move, boys!" and watching them

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