Thursday, July 19, 2012

South Carolina-The next couple of days

I used to wonder (and worry) is my love of the place and the yearning for Charleston just part of my angst of having to move away? All throughout school in Illinois I idealized SC and thought of it as my "home". I hated it here and wanted to go back. If we couldn't move back then I would retire there I have always said.(funny to think of myself as a 10 yr old talking about where I choose to retire-lol)

Luckily it seems as Travis is on board with that so far...

But now that we've had 2 years in a row to go visit, see my old house and places we'd gone when I was young I realise that yes, I think I did idealize it somewhat-who wouldn't? But I believe I've fallen in love with it all over again for completely different reasons as an adult... I am so glad that it seems that my family has fallen for it too :)
A kid was catching a ton of bait fish and keeping them in a bucket along the tidal pool and all the kids around were playing with them...Sawyer included.

Outside of the Unitarian Church, downtown Charleston.

Outside of some theater-it was black granite-weird how it showed up like a mirror...

How most of our photos come out when all 3 of them are involved.

We went to Cypress Gardens one day-the kids were so excited to explore a real swamp! I remember as a kid when they filmed The Swamp thing there and how cool we thought that was. lol

Do you see that teeny little chick? It's hard to tell but that baby quail was hatched a week prior and was only the size of a quarter pr a smidge larger. I've never seen anything like it!

Gabe found a friend, as always...

The kids were good--til we headed for the small rowboats to row through the swamp. gabe put on the brakes, freaked out and hid. But after some coaxing he got in and now if you ask him his favorite part of vacation he'll tell you it was going on the boat in the swamp and sseeing an alligator 10 ft away from us.

So pretty.....

A boat worker told me the only person bit by a gator out there actually stepped on it while walking on a path---what I want to know it-how on earth do you NOT see an alligator laying across a path???

Wondering when I'll learn.....Damn every fire ant in the world! You'd have to look closely at the welts coming up all over my foot...In fact, here we are weeks later and I'm still scratching like crazy at the scars :(

I remember being maybe in 1st or 2nd grade going blackberry picking with my neighbor and her dad in the woods. I was picking away at a bush when out of nowhere I was thrown to the ground and my pants being whipped off and being slapped all over...I had no idea what was happening and trust me it scared the helllll out of me. I can still close my eyes and flash right back there. Turned out I was on a huge fireant mound and they were covering me and I wasn't moving so I hadn't been bitten yet-by the time it was said and done I was covered in TONS of bites up to my waist. I look at my foot and shake my head and think NOTHING could ever be as bad as that time...*shiver*

Us-taken by Trav.

...and all of us-taken on a cobblestone street downtown. would have been great if I'd taken into consideration the truck and the stop sign....
Oh well-can't have everything. At least everyone is looking in the same direction-right? lol

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