Thursday, July 26, 2012

Final SC pics-I swear!

So trav had heard about an old church that had been burnt down not once-but twice-wayyy out in Monck's Corner. We took a road trip out to check it out-quite off the beaten path. (that's the kind of stuff we love to explore)

It was neat but the best part for me was it was not far from Goose Creek-where I'd lived when I was younger-so we got to drive by and stalk my old neighborhood again...just one of these days I hope I'll get the nerve to stop at our old house and beg to see it-lol!

That evening we ended up at Home Team out on Sullivan's Island again-the BBQ is awesome.


Gabe had been working hard to master 2 things: to whistle and to cross his eyes. he figured both out on the trip :)


Goofy candids

Sawyer-building a "hermit crab house"

I'm assuming this is the smallest horseshoe crab ever??

I thought this was cute but just realised he looks like he's peeing or something

and....AND!!! I got to spend almost all day with my friend Michelle again! Last year we saw each other for about an hour...This time we met up at the outlet mall then she and her daughter stole me and Chloe away to go to lunch, visit her mom and tour her new home under construction. We followed up with meeting my guys at the beach and hanging out for awhile..

Her daughter, Kaitlyn is 3 days younger than Chloe-they really clicked :)

We ended the evening at Shem Creek for dinner at Red's.

Greattt grouper sandwiches!

Those goofy girls taking pics of themselves.
{cooking up a slumber party plan?}

Yep-slumber party was had!
Here we are the next day at the Charles Pinkney home.
Just a place to wander around (for free) we didn't want to spend a bunch of $ since it looked like rain was coming in from the tropical storm in Fla...
but of coarse it hit the NEXT day)

Then I got a little emotional thinking about when growing up-Michelle was the primary person I usually spent the night with and had her at my home as well...and how odd it was that these 2 met only hours before, clicked and here they were having their own sleep over like we used to...*sniff*
I think it's neat.
Especially concidering I'd never thought I'd see any of my old friends again. I mean come on, I moved when I was 10, here I am at 39 and we're picking up like no time has passed-no awkwardness or anything-just simply amazing.

Gabe found all sorts of neat things of coarse.

Thousands of them. Just hatched and crawling to the water.
Amazing- never seen anything like it!
This was our last evening. What a neat way to end our vacation.

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