Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I wore~Week 1

Following the lead of Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy~I decided to photo my daily outfits for awhile. Let me say right now-I feel totally silly-but it HAS made me feel a little more accountable when I choose my clothes for the day. Instead of grabbing yoga pants and Trav's big old shirt I am forced to think about what I put on my body. Paying attention to what I wear-kind of like I did before we had kids...

I've loved looking at the others who have linked up with her and seeing different ways to pair up outfits or accessories ;) we go...

Day 1:
Old Navy black top (scored for .97 cents!)
Apt 9 denim shorts
Reef flip flops
black "A" wax seal necklace-made by me
Do you like my Shey B camera strap that my friend Kim sent me? :) love it...

Day 2:
Green top from JCP -that I didn't realise how awful it looks til just now. Won't be wearing that again!
Mossimo shorts (hmm-not wild about these either!)
Reef flip flops

Day 3:

Old Navy top

white cami

necklace I bought way back in high school

old jeans (name?)

Simple brand tennis shoes

Day 4:

Old navy striped top

Old Navy grey cami

Apt 9 shorts

"Live" necklace-made by me

Day 5:

Ok, the day before I wore that shirt for 5 minutes until I realised how warm it was outside so I grabbed it off the closet doorknob the following day when it cooled off.

old jeans

old tennies

high school necklace again

Day 6:
Talbots cardigan that is the softest in the whole world!
white cami
Gap jeans
Simple brand tennis shoes
"Live" necklace made by me

Day 7:
JJill top
Abercrombie man jeans
Reef flip flops
"Live" necklace again


Janice said...

I absolutely love your shirt in day 3!! If I was more comfortable with my body I'd post my daily wear.....

It is interesting to see because its interesting how different even 'every day' clothes can make a person look.....the 'feel'....

very interesting.

Thanks for sharing!!

and don't feel silly - I think this is great and really appreciated it! :)


lindsey said...

thanks for joining in! i love the striped shirt!